A Stego For Us 
Price: $5500
Size: 24 inches long
Edition Size: 30

One of the most amazing creatures in the history of the world is the dinosaur. Countless books and many movies have been made to satisfy our curiosity and desire to understand these incredible creatures.

Of all the friendly (non-carnivorous) dinosaurs, one of the most aesthetically pleasing is the Stegosaurus. Up to thirty feet long with amazing, upward thrusting triangular back plates, he might have roamed quietly eating the low-growing plants of this area. Interestingly enough, the Stegosaurus fossils are found mainly in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Dinosaurs seem to have the ability to capture the imaginations of children. "A-Stego-For-Us" is a Bronze Stegosaurus with five ethnically diverse children playing upon him. It reflects some of the ethnical diversities of the children living in the United States. One girl child of Asian descent at the base of the back left leg, one Hispanic boy, complete with sombrero, in between the back plates at the top, a black girl, with book in hand, laying over the back, a Caucasian cow girl with hat, chaps, vest, rope and boots riding on the neck and finally one mixed ethnicity boy with pilot garb and goggles near the end of the tail

The colorful patinas correspond with information scientists have uncovered concerning this amazing dinosaur. It is thought that the Stegosaurus's back plates were possibly covered with brightly colored skin. The rest of his body is covered with a mottled green hue.