Julie Jones Denkers

"Julie is passionate about her artistic creations simply because they are a real part of who she is. …the story of her journey is presented in the sequence of her creations."

~Edmund Cook

"Julie's sculptures are filled with life! As a collector of her work, I am impressed with her creativity, attention to detail, and impressive talent. Her passion for living certainly comes out in each sculpture which is admired by all those who view it. Julie's sculptures express a story about a person, place, and activity - something within all of us. Julie’s ability to express herself through art is an amazing gift she chooses to share with us. When viewing her art work you sense the inner beauty of an artist, a person, and a true friend!"

~Michael Richman

With an extensive background in art, (as the owner of Interior Pottery Design and a custom artist for Loveland Design Center), Julie’s presentations offer a wealth of skill and experience to inspire others through her work. Julie describes her personal philosophy by saying, "We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, each having things of value to share. Sculpture is my favorite mode of expression. With all the challenges that come of being the mother in a large family, I have found there is nothing more relaxing than settling quietly down, my fingers finding the clay and reproducing images that represent perceptions and feelings in my mind's eye."

Julie’s life experiences allow her to combine passions for sport and art to create beautiful bronze sculptures that are graceful and decidedly inspiring. As a proud mother of five active children, she enjoys creating playful, spontaneous images of innocence, humor, and youth. Her sculptures of women and animals also depict the values of humanity, joy and individual worth. Commission jobs and memorial work for private families are a specialty.

Julie has lived near Loveland, Colorado for over thirty years. A Loveland High School graduate, she was the recipient of the Howard E. "Bill" Reed award (given each year to one outstanding student-citizen-athlete in the Loveland area) and of the Lola Meister Memorial Art Award (given to one LHS senior each year). Julie was also a two-time state champion and a state record holder in track for the LHS Indians.

Julie holds a BA in Fine Art from Brigham Young University where she also competed for the track team. She was awarded five All-American citations throughout her college years and two Olympic Trial berths. During her final year at BYU, she was named the Most Outstanding Female Senior Athlete (her male counterpart was former NFL star Steve Young).

Julie is very optimistic and enthusiastic about the future..."I'm at the very best time in my life and I only expect each day to get better!"