~1979 Lola Meister Memorial Art Award, Loveland, Colorado

~2002 Women's Force for Sports Scholarship Recipient, Fort Collins, Colorado

~2003 People's Choice Award, "The Conductor," Celebration of Color Art Show, Benson Gallery, Fort Collins, Colorado

~2003 "The Conductor" - Second Place, 40th Annual National Greeley Art Exhibition,  New Frontiers Bank, Greeley, Colorado

~2004 "Reading Magic"- Peoples Choice Award, Sculptures in the Streets, Mesa, Arizona

~2005 "Sweet Moment II"- People's Choice Award, Sculpture in the Streets, Mesa, Arizona

~2006 3rd Place, "The Early Bear," 43rd Annual National Greeley Art Exhibition, Greeley, Colorado

~2008 "Imagine" - Best Sculpture,  Art for the Cure, Cheyenne, Wyoming

~2010 "Reading Magic"- People's Choice Award, Scuplture Walk, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

~2010 "A Little Bird," Critiques First Runner-Up, Bemidji, Minnesota

~2010 "A Little Bird"- People's Choice, Bemidji, Minnesota

~2010 "A Little Bird" - Public Purchase, Bemidji Library, Bemidji, Minnesota

~2011 “Reading Magic”- People’s Choice Award, Mankato, Minnesota

~2011 "Reading Magic" Purchased by the city of Mankato, Minnesota

~2012 “Bear Chair” - People’s Choice Award, Evergreen, Colorado

~2012 "Bear Chair" - Purchased by Evergreen, Colorado

~2012 "Girl’s Can Do Anything" - People’s Choice Award, Sculpture Walk - Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

~2013 "Don't Play With Your Food" - People's Choice Award, Evergreen, Colorado

~2013 "Don't Play With Your Food" - People's Choice Award, Sculpture Walk - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

~2016 "Bear Chair", "Silly Ole Bear", "Don't Play With Your Food" I and II: Public Purchase, Minnesota

~2017 "Bear Chair" - Honorable Mention and cash award at Sculpture Tour in Salina Kansas

~2019 LHS Hall of Fame inductee - honoring people who have demonstrated achievements beyond their high school experiences and excelled in areas of art, community, drama, music, science, and/or sports