Fishin' and Dreamin' 
Price: $2600
Size: 19 inches long
Edition Size: 50

Many days of summer break, in my youth, were spent at lakes, learning from my friends (old, weathered fishermen) the art of fishing. At the end of the day, if it had been a good one, I brought my catch home, plugged the bathtub and poured the fish in. Once they were inspected, my mother would send me trudging back to the lake to set them free. It was a continuous cycle. Each fishing trip, included time spent moving rocks in hopes of catching a crawdad (crayfish) or two. It helps me to remember that there must be quiet, magical times in youth and adulthood. Learning and attaining goals can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Through nature, we can appreciate the earth we've been given and the abundance of life that surrounds us along with the contemplative moments and gifts that "Our Father" has bestowed upon us.