Girls Can Do Anything 
Price: $29,500
Size: 4 ft tall x 30" wide by 5 ft long
Edition Size: 15

“Girls Can Do Anything” is one of those pieces that started off having a very personal meaning for me, and ended up being a piece that speaks to a variety of people in a broad sense. The girl represents women and more broadly humanity; our struggles for self-actualization, our potential. She is cute, yet determined, young, yet capable and she is equipped with cowboy boots, spurs and reins……..ready to take on the situation/life. The pig (although one of my favorite creatures in reality) in this sense represents those who say we can’t do something, can’t be something. He is symbolic of those in life who strive to stifle or limit our human potential. As you can see, the girl is clearly in control, and the hog, is wondering what on earth just happened to him.