Don't Play With Your Food 
Price: $9,950.00
Size: 22.5 inches high, 24 inches wide

Edition Size: 18

So often when I sculpt a new piece, I've seen a picture of it in my mind's eye and laugh, just contemplating being able to sculpt what I've envisioned. "Don't Play With Your Food" was such a piece. My love of bears is part of my love of nature. It is an awesome sight to view any bear in its natural habitat. Bears come in all shapes, sizes, colors and dispositions. Their antics make them so very interesting and endearing, (at least to me. They are a subject that has held my interest and attention for years since my first encounter in a field in Montana. My children and I witnessed a beautiful black bear loping across a pasture. He was magnificent, graceful and awe-inspiring. As a child, my brother and I had to sit at the kitchen table with our food until it was gone. Beets were our enemies. The smell of them still make me feel ill; our parent's garden produced beets and we lived by the adage "waste not, want not." I'm sure this bear isn't opposed to eating the Sockeye under his paw, like Jody and I were opposed to beets, but the kype of the Salmon has challenged this bear and thrown a kink in his game-plan. The bear is befuddled, curious and frustrated.