The Bear Hunter 
Price: $975
Size: 9 inches long
Edition Size: 100

One of the most amazing sights from a recent trip to Polson, Montana was a bear loping through a pasture. He was magnificent as he ran towards our car and then behind us to cross the dirt road. We had seen buffalo, elk and many deer, but the lone bear in the meadow made a great impression. The bear hunter shows a young man, who has been out exploring, looking for a bear. He sits down next to what appears to be a rock, with his bow and sling shot within reach. In this whimsical piece, the hunter's rock is actually a grizzly, who has just opened his eyes, feeling the weight of a backpack and young man pressed against him. I have often found that I am closer to achieving objectives than life would indicate. Sometimes I get myself into a bind, thinking I am prepared but finding that my bow and sling shot are inadequate for the particular situation. I hope this piece inspires us to laugh at and love ourselves and keep passionately striving to achieve goals.