The Early Bear 
Price: $1,600.00 (Early Bear II, $12,200.00)
Size: 14 inches long (Early Bear II, 36 inches long)
Edition Size: 50

On a recent outing to the Denver zoo, my children and I were mesmerized by the playful antics of two brown bears. I think what made them so funny was their humanness. One batted at the other and then ran and jumped in and out of the water. The other sneaked up behind the first and darted away once he knew he had been discovered. After this experience, I saw "The Early Bear" in my mind's eye. He is a huge grizzly, getting ready to pounce on a miniscule inch worm. Who hasn't witnessed an intensely serious pet (dog or cat) ready to attack an unsuspecting bug or children sneaking up on each other and wildly running and laughing as they are trying not to be caught? This piece is humanly endearing.