The Magician's Apprentice 
Price: $3500
Size: 20 inches long
Edition Size: 50

This sculpture is a piece that was commissioned by some wonderful magic lovers on the East Coast. It was incredibly fun to sculpt. The older magician has just performed a trick and made the rabbit appear on his top hat. He is caught up in the moment. He throws his head back and his left arm up in a proud gesture that says "Look at me, I'm quite grand." He even has a small audience, viewing in adoration, or so he thinks. Actually, his young, inexperienced, apprentice has really caught the spirit of magic and performed a feat that even surprises him. He points his wand at his magic box, works his unassuming magic and makes an elephant appear. The children who are supposed to be watching the older magician are peering, in amazement around the table to watch the young man pull the elephant out of his box. Even the rabbit, with one ear cocked in the elephant's direction seems to know he has been upstaged.